Co-working places is a charming and contemporary place for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

People around the globe are becoming increasingly entrepreneurial and embracing alternative forms of employment. Co-working spaces are tremendously growing along with the rise in entrepreneurs. Co-working office space is a shared office place where employees from different places share the space, hot desks, tables, services and amenities.

With technology in upfront that has allowed to work remotely, Business professionals have started working from any part of the world. As a result, employees are confused about whether to opt for a coworking space or work from home.

Work from home

Working from home is sheltered and cosy. The benefits of working from home are obvious such as wearing clothes that you like, being with family for lunch and dinner, making your presence at home the entire day, participating in the family entertainment such as movies, playing cards, gardening and many more. Work from home allows you to work at your comfort.

Co-working space

Coworking space always tends to have the best work setup in order to give a professional environment. It becomes much easier to concentrate on your work with ambitious people around you. You tend to build network with professionals of a common mind-set is also a major plus point. You also get a chance to commute with people with the same career line which helps in sharing one another’s knowledge. Community events are the best part of Co-working spaces. It leads to socialize and interact with people around, that leads to creativity and motivation of career progress and business growth. It may also leads to collaborations to grow businesses together.

Cons of WFH

  • Working remotely saves travel time, travelling expenses and saves rents but it also comes with great challenges.
  • Working from home may sometimes be destructive and noisy.
  • Concentrating on work is much difficult when the family is around you and you are sometimes cautious that your family has an eye on you. A very few home office workers get to enjoy working in complete silence or play some light music to relax.
  • There are always numerous, obvious problems that arise while WFH. You will have to find a different venue or location that looks professional to conduct meetings.
  • If you are a professional who attends meetings daily then working from home is not an easy deal.

Pros of Co-working space

Whereas, Co-working spaces usually have a pleasant environment that motivates you to work. Coworking office spaces have comfortable chairs, cooler amenities and faster internet connections. This in return helps increases the productivity of your work without any destructions.

A bunch of like -minded and creative people around you boosts you to be competitive and energetic.

Co-working spaces are the best to have meetings as it brings up the team together for any sort of discussions at any point of time.

Work from home v/s Co-working space

While deciding whether to work from home or opt for a Co-working space, it is important to look for additional benefits rather than only saving money. Productivity is a key factor for any business. Working from home is very convenient only for few days. You will start feeling alone, bored and lazy and leftover. This disturbs your aura to work efficiently. There is a lack of Motivation while working remotely. Co-working spaces are usually cheaper than renting a traditional office space. The space is available based on first come first serve basics. Co-working is budget-friendly as you pay only for the space that you utilize. It has good amenities, a working environment and a network building. It is easy for a business to hop from one working space to another if you feel distracted than office space. Of course, No workplace or working atmosphere is perfect. It has its pros and cons. It depends on our needs on priorities.